What we Do

We work with our clients to understand their challenges and develop their brand and business strategy. We thrive in a fast-paced environment balancing multiple projects across the entire value chain.

Brand DNA Development

We clearly develop your Brand DNA so that we can bring your brand to life!

Brand Strategy

We develop a clearly defined strategic plan that integrates with all aspects of the business. Brand Strategy = Business Strategy

Value Proposition Development

Describing the benefits customers can expect from your products and services

Go to Market Strategy & Execution

We develop a blueprint that enables you to reach your customers as effectively as possible and help you bring it to life

Digital Strategy & Execution

We Develop the thinking behind the digital eco-system and then bring it to life

Social Media Marketing

We create the social strategy, develop engaging content and then manage the conversations

Local Area Marketing

We develop targeted tactical campaigns designed for specific locations

Media Buying & Negotiation

We find out where your target audience is hanging out and then buy the most appropriate media platforms

Your brand is the ambition you have for the reputation you want

Our Clients

Barking Dog Marketing has worked with various clients from small-scale start-ups to large multi nationals. We are committed to providing value for our clients by driving brand strategy and business growth.
Your brand is your most powerful asset!

It’s a big world out there, and competition is stiffer than ever for businesses in almost every industry. Local and global companies alike are increasingly making the decision to hire a marketing agency to help their businesses grow. If you haven’t considered hiring a marketing agency in Sydney to help promote your business, there are lots of reasons to consider taking this step.

A Branding Agency That Thinks Outside the Box

There are hundreds of businesses out there, all trying to accomplish the same goals that you are. Do you really think following the same marketing and branding strategy as they do will get you results? The last thing you need is a branding agency that gives you the same advice that they give every other company like yours.

Building brand recognition is one of the biggest challenges any business faces. It’s even more difficult for start-ups trying to find their place in an over populated niche. One way that Barking Dog helps you stand out from the crowd is with our brand DNA development services. Brand DNA creation works by finding the nuances that set your business apart and developing them into one of the most significant features of your brand. Instead of being the “best personal injury attorney in Sydney” you become the “personal injury attorney in Sydney with the best rates.”So many business owners take on the task of building a brand and marketing strategy for their own business. They believe they know more about what their business is about than anyone else. While that might be true, most business owners aren’t marketing experts. This takes so much more than guesswork or following in another company’s footsteps. A professional marketing agency starts by looking at the structure of your business. It considers the processes and the relationships driving them. Nothing offers more value to your business than the objective opinion of an expert who sees things with a new eye.

Do you have a value proposition in place? A value proposition is one of the most important documents you can offer to your customers. While marketing your products often depends on describing how they work or how they’re used, a value proposition tells the customer how the experience of using your product is directly valuable to them.

A Marketing Agency Sydney Businesses Rely on for Long-Term Solutions

There are lots of reasons that drive businesses to hire a marketing agency. They might be a new start-up that is just beginning to build their brand, or they might be considering a move into a new market. Our expertise and the relationships we have within the industry will help you get maximum exposure and optimise your target audience.

Are you considering re-branding your business to make it more modern? Are you looking for ways to increase productivity or improve your leadership? Our range of marketing and branding services will help you do all of that, and more!

Small businesses sometimes try to go it alone to save money. You can end up spending a lot less when you hire a marketing and branding agency that knows how to make the most of your resources. Some of the most important platforms you will use to build your brand require skills and relationships in the industry. Our media buying services implement a strategic approach to finding the best platform for your business and then negotiating for the most affordable rates.

If your business could benefit from better leadership skills or from a more efficient process, our business and executive coaching services can boost morale and productivity. We have the expertise to help you leverage the people and processes in your business to increase your growth and your success.

Experienced Marketing Services That Get Results

Marketing and branding are necessities for any business today. The industry keeps changing as technology makes it increasingly easy for customers and businesses to connect. Identifying your strengths, and getting them out there, are basic steps that any small, medium, or large business can’t afford to ignore. The complexities that go with branding and marketing require that you hire the most experienced marketing agency to ensure you get the best possible results.

No other marketing agency in Sydney has the experience or the diversity to provide you with the best brand strategy for your needs. We have worked with a range of clients, from small-scale start-ups to large multi nationals. We know the similarities shared by a range of businesses, and the subtle differences that make them stand out.

Nothing is more important to the success and growth of your business than your brand. Get the expert marketing and branding skills that only Barking Dog Marketing can provide. Learn more about our services by dropping us an email at info@barkingdog.com.au and watch your business grow!

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